Wohnbau moves over christmas

Simple, functional and yet beautiful – wohnbau managing director christian meyer particularly likes this verdict on the remodeled rooms in mauer 12. Since february, the former fashion house matzer& worsch is being converted into an office building for the subsidiary of the city of coburg – and a poster on the scaffolded facade has been proclaiming for just as long: "we don’t know exactly when we’ll be opening – but it will be on time."
on time – there is now also a date for this term: the 22nd day of the year. December will be the last day for the employees in their old domicile in heiligkreuzstrasse, as meyer reports. From 27. December until 4. January, i.E. Over christmas, the move of the approximately 60 employees to the wall will take place. "On 8. On january we will resume our business here."

Staircase moves to the center

if you still remember the women’s department of the former fashion house, you will immediately notice that the staircase is no longer where it used to be. "We have completely turned the building upside down", explains coburg architect lutz wallenstein from the office archi viva at the viewing appointment on monday afternoon. "We needed the exterior facade to create daylight workstations for the employees." the staircase has been moved to the center of the large room, where it does not take up any window space. The rear exit to nagleinsgasse was closed off for the same purpose.
On the second floor, too, the offices are arranged around the open stairwell. A passage leads to the building mauer 14, which also belongs to the complex. Among others, the economic development agency (wifog) of the city of coburg will move in here as a tenant in the coming year (see report below). More tenants to follow. Meyer: "we are still thinking about what we will give away, what we will use ourselves."

Large part is rented

that wohnbau has decided in favor of the former matzer& the decision to use worsch as its home, which meant converting a sprawling fashion house into an office building, presented the planners with quite a challenge. It would have been all too easy for the spacious areas to tempt wohnbau to spread out completely over the two buildings mauer 12 and 14, says meyer. Instead they decided to rent out most of the space. In order to attract more offices, the architects went one floor higher and converted the former storage rooms in the roof.
As far as costs are concerned, meyer does not want to give any figures at the moment. Only this much: "we keep the framework, which we had set for ourselves. And this solution is much cheaper than if we had built a new one." he estimates that the cost of a new building will be at least 20 to 25 percent lower than the cost of a new building. Not to mention the central location within walking distance of the town hall. Wohnbau would probably have had to do without them if the new building had been built.

Small stage in the foyer

apropos central location: this is to be used as effectively as possible, which is important to the new owners. "We want to revitalize the city center", says christian meyer. The large entrance hall of mauer 12 is ideal for this purpose. A stage will be installed in the foyer on the left "anything is possible, from a speech to a small music event". The room can accommodate up to 100 people, explains the head of wohnbau. Lutz wallenstein has specially equipped the room for multifunctionality: "technically and acoustically, it is designed so that it can do everything." the tricky task was rather to find a way to combine such events with the office routine. Because just behind the reception counter in the foyer, there are already workplaces for the employees. A door will separate the two areas from each other.
The foyer is also suitable for exhibitions. Meyer can imagine, for example, that the university, such as the architecture course, would be happy to take advantage of the offer. The need is there. "Anyone who wants to make a cultural contribution is welcome to do so here." it is expressly not about events "with the intention of making a profit", emphasizes meyer. "We don’t want to compete with the congress center."

Wifog moves in with wohnbau

"yes, we will move in with them!" rolf krebs, project manager at the city of coburg’s economic development agency (wifog), sounds confident and pleased. The goal is to open the new building on 1 january. May 2018, the former matzer fashion house was also converted worsch on the wall to move. "We will have our offices in the building that used to house the menswear department", explains rolf krebs in response to a tageblatt inquiry. "The people of coburg know this!"
Wifog will move in with eight employees. At present, the municipal subsidiary is still housed on the third floor of the town hall. It’s not ideal, says krebs. "If someone visited us spontaneously, we had no place to retreat and no reception area either." with the new domicile, wifog will be able to maintain its proximity to the city hall, and at the same time it will finally have "its own front door" get its own front door". "That is important for the external image", says krebs.
In the new office, the company could use the meeting room with wohnbau and thus "synergy effects" benefits. Leaving the city center was never the wifog’s wish anyway – driving to coburg for every appointment, for example with the project group for the freight station, would have wasted too much time. "It doesn’t get more central than on the wall!"