Spd vote on groko achieves minimum turnout

SPD vote on groko achieves minimum turnout

After just three days, a fifth of those eligible to vote took part in the spd referendum on the coalition agreement with the union – this means that the quorum has been reached and the vote is now binding.

That’s what a spokeswoman for the party told the ard "tagesschau" on friday. The vote had begun on tuesday. The total of 463.723 social democrats eligible to vote still have until next friday to cast their ballots. On 4. The results are to be announced in march. Resistance to another grand coalition is strong in parts of the party.

Faction leader andrea nahles, who is to be elected party leader in april, defended the coalition agreement in a live video on facebook. She called her candidacy for the party chairmanship a way to keep the spd recognizable even in a renewed grand coalition with the cdu and csu. If you combine the chairmanship of the parliamentary group and the party, but separate them from government offices, that creates space for issues and debates about the future "beyond the government.

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The renovation of the swimming pool in autenhausen is scheduled to start in may

According to andreas gsanger, chairman of the autenhausen recreational facility association, the sesslach city council awarded the work to the contractor at its most recent meeting. The reconstruction is to start at the beginning of may this year and last until july this year.

Gsanger provided information on the current status of development at the members’ meeting in the autenhausen sports center. As reported several times, the swimming pool, which was opened in 1972, was getting on in years. Due to high renovation costs, the closure was threatened, which the citizens of autenhausen prevented by founding the association and looking for financing possibilities. This is how the idea of converting the ailing swimming pool into a natural pool came about.

Over the past three years, there have been a number of hurdles to overcome before the project could get off the ground, including a funding shortfall last year. The people of autenhausen were not discouraged, stayed on the ball and took the initiative to get things done.

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Finding your dream job in the region

Finding your dream job in the region

Very few people know the name of giesecke+devrient, a company headquartered in neustadt, germany. Its products, on the other hand, are in everyone’s pocket. G+d manufactures chip cards for telephone providers and banks and is the world market leader in electronic sim management.

Unimatic, based in grub am forst, may only have just under 100 employees, but it now has four locations outside germany and produces for companies in the automotive, plastics processing, pharmaceutical and electrical engineering industries. It is precisely these hidden frontrunners that make the regional economy so special.

In order to attract the attention of skilled workers to these companies, the coburg university of applied sciences organizes the annual campus fair together with the coburg chamber of commerce and industry. It is one of the largest career fairs in the region. 84 companies and institutions presented themselves there this year. Students and young academics were able to make contacts, learn more about entry and career opportunities in the company, and find out about job offers. Graduates of technical courses of study are particularly in demand at the moment. "Many companies that are looking for new employees are especially interested in computer scientists and engineers", says christian erkenbrecher, head of the career service of the university of coburg, which organizes the campus fair.

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“Greuther swing path” is created in three stages

It should encourage walking and exercise, lead through an idyllic landscape and enhance the local recreational offerings of the marrow community as a new attraction: the planned "greuther schaukelweg" (greuth swing path), a circular path, which is to be equipped with swings and balancing equipment at its stations.

For children and seniors

children should also "hike and swing" along the two-kilometer route with its five individual stations like seniors. The trail is designed in such a way that it can be easily extended later in two stages.
The original idea was to build a 4.5-kilometer-long circular path with nine stations on the vestenbergsgreuth municipal territory. Then the hermersdorf section was dropped from european eler funding. At the level of the local action group, which oversees these leader projects, a reorganization – both of the stations and the funding structure – had to be considered.

Initially five stations

a core path with five stations has emerged. It begins at the visitor parking lot behind the town hall, leads to the tennis courts and past the sewage treatment plant in the direction of dutendorf (see graphic on the right). At dutendorf, the path leads to the organic farm and the orchard, and finally ends at the recreational facility.
The realization of the now revised vestenbergsgreuth swing path requires a total gross amount of 163000 euros. The municipality is hoping for about 60 percent funding from the leader program, but only for the eligible costs of 116,000 euros.
The ancillary construction costs of just under 21,000 euros included in the total costs will not be funded.

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You can rely on the fire department

You can rely on the fire department

27 firefighters from the volunteer fire departments of kubelstein, ludwag and neudorf had prepared intensively for the "firefighting group" performance test prepared. In front of the eyes of district fire inspector stefan duthorn and the referees julia schickentanz, markus zenk and florian dillig, the firefighters then demonstrated their skills and successfully passed the exam.

Contents of the examination were on the one hand, depending upon achievement badge, questions to the first assistance or to the vehicle customer and general questions. On the other hand, the examinees had to tie various knots and set up a functioning suction line for drawing water from the extinguishing water tank. Furthermore, a fire water line with b and c hoses had to be established.

Kbi stefan duthorn was pleased about the good cooperation of the three jura fire departments. He thanked especially the commandants (johannes hagen, sebastian schraut, bernhard grasser) of the three fire brigades and the former youth leader georg lindner. Third mayor otto nublein was pleased with the impressive number of candidates and thanked them on behalf of the town of scheblitz for their exemplary volunteer work.

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Nato reacts cautiously to kramp-karrenbauer’s syria plan

nato reacts cautiously to kramp-karrenbauer's syria plan

Defense minister annegret kramp-karrenbauer’s plan for a syria protection force meets with a muted response from nato partners. Her u.S. Counterpart mark esper welcomed the initiative but does not want to contribute troops.

At a meeting of nato defense ministers in brussels, european allies acknowledged that there was an initiative at all. Publicly, however, no country has yet clearly backed kramp-karrenbauer’s proposal.

However, the european parliament passed a resolution by a large majority supporting their idea of an internationally controlled protection zone. Kramp-karrenbauer herself, for whom it was her first nato meeting since taking office, spoke of "very encouraging" initial talks. However, she also said, "this will still be a long process, a difficult road."

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Breakfast: deep truth about zoff city councilor

breakfast: deep truth about zoff city councilor

The fruit from the tree of knowledge must be a huge seller this year. The french voted out their big-flap president sarkozy because of the permanent dose of hot air.

After vain attempts to score political goals via the left wing, the left in germany is practicing consistent self-dissolution. It is still unclear whether ex-leader lafontaine will be allowed to dig the grave. And even chancellor angela merkel shows active realism – with the dismissal of chair-sawyer rottgen.

The knowledge of deep truths has already arrived even one floor below. In the volkach city council. On monday, the state government discussed a lenient gift to sweeten the farewell of 700 soldiers from the mainfranken barracks: the state wants to pay two managers – one for energy and one for land marketing – for three years (around 500,000 euros) if the district, volkach, nordheim and kitzingen (because of the u.S. Withdrawal) bear ten percent of the costs as users.

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Van rompuy campaigns for mersch on the ecb’s executive board

Van rompuy campaigns for mersch on the ECB's Executive Board

While more women are needed in leadership positions, especially in business and finance, the ecb post needs to be filled "urgently," van rompuy said.

The people’s representatives want a woman in the circle of the six directors. But you can only wish for this, not demand it bindingly. On thursday, parliament votes on luxembourg’s central bank chief mersch, but it cannot stop his appointment.

Eu parliament’s economic committee voted against mersch on monday. The parliamentarians are concerned with the principle, entirely in the sense of the women’s quota, which eu justice commissioner viviane reding wants to enforce in the supervisory boards of corporations.

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