Wohnbau moves over christmas

Simple, functional and yet beautiful – wohnbau managing director christian meyer particularly likes this verdict on the remodeled rooms in mauer 12. Since february, the former fashion house matzer& worsch is being converted into an office building for the subsidiary of the city of coburg – and a poster on the scaffolded facade has been proclaiming for just as long: "we don’t know exactly when we’ll be opening – but it will be on time."
on time – there is now also a date for this term: the 22nd day of the year. December will be the last day for the employees in their old domicile in heiligkreuzstrasse, as meyer reports. From 27. December until 4. January, i.E. Over christmas, the move of the approximately 60 employees to the wall will take place. "On 8. On january we will resume our business here."

Staircase moves to the center

if you still remember the women’s department of the former fashion house, you will immediately notice that the staircase is no longer where it used to be. "We have completely turned the building upside down", explains coburg architect lutz wallenstein from the office archi viva at the viewing appointment on monday afternoon. "We needed the exterior facade to create daylight workstations for the employees." the staircase has been moved to the center of the large room, where it does not take up any window space. The rear exit to nagleinsgasse was closed off for the same purpose.
On the second floor, too, the offices are arranged around the open stairwell. A passage leads to the building mauer 14, which also belongs to the complex. Among others, the economic development agency (wifog) of the city of coburg will move in here as a tenant in the coming year (see report below). More tenants to follow. Meyer: "we are still thinking about what we will give away, what we will use ourselves."

Large part is rented

that wohnbau has decided in favor of the former matzer& the decision to use worsch as its home, which meant converting a sprawling fashion house into an office building, presented the planners with quite a challenge. It would have been all too easy for the spacious areas to tempt wohnbau to spread out completely over the two buildings mauer 12 and 14, says meyer. Instead they decided to rent out most of the space. In order to attract more offices, the architects went one floor higher and converted the former storage rooms in the roof.
As far as costs are concerned, meyer does not want to give any figures at the moment. Only this much: "we keep the framework, which we had set for ourselves. And this solution is much cheaper than if we had built a new one." he estimates that the cost of a new building will be at least 20 to 25 percent lower than the cost of a new building. Not to mention the central location within walking distance of the town hall. Wohnbau would probably have had to do without them if the new building had been built.

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Gunther straub has died

Gunther straub has died

On sunday evening, gunther straub died at the age of 73 surrounded by his family.

As a freelancer, straub reported for more than 40 years on town council meetings, festivals and club life in his community – always dutifully, reliably and with a great deal of personal commitment. Until the end, already weakened by illness and chemotherapy, he sent his articles to the newspaper. A "profound connoisseur the mayor gotthard schlereth paid tribute to the deceased on monday.

Straub was a trained businessman. He made his career at baywa. It began in 1956 at baywa bad kissingen. In 1981, straub became managing director in bad kissingen, later managing director and chief executive officer in karlstadt. Another transfer took him to bad neustadt, where he was responsible for the operations in mellrichstadt, bad konigshofen, bad bruckenau, bischofsheim, munnerstadt, meiningen, ritschenhausen and romhild as head of administration and deputy managing director until his retirement in 2001. As a training officer and examiner on the committee of the wurzburg-schweinfurt chamber of commerce and industry, training young people was one of his tasks for many years.

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Students rocked with music from ac/cd

It was fantastic to experience what the children had put together with their teachers and the parents’ council. Like at a big club party, the many pupils marched together with the marching music of the weismain brass band onto the large area in front of the school. They got a lot of applause right away, because of the great picture, when all had lined up at the rondell.

Many guests

principal heike witzgall was happy to welcome the many guests. "The main protagonists today, however, are the children, who have put a lot of effort into their performances
to be able to present", she said. A huge flute choir of the 1., 2. And 3. The fourth grade had then lined up to perform some old children’s songs such as" little hare" or "hoppe reiter" to be able to welcome everyone. Very skilful was also the modern song of the "growler", "who wants to go on the carousel" or "merrily we sail along", with which they made their grandmas, grandpas and parents a joy.

Unfortunately it was not possible to get more children from the brass band on stage", said the principal. But the small group with flute, clarinet and saxophone was impressive
with the londonbridge duet which was transformed into a trio without further ado, the numerous visitors. The abt knauer elementary school in weismain has a "ag-rhythmus". During their performance, the new donated instruments were also included right away. The cajons, djembes, tambourines and colorful boomwhackers were presented with enthusiasm.

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Head of the vocational school for music retires

Head of the vocational school for music retires

"A small era comes to an end!" these were the words used by district administrator klaus loffler to bid farewell to andreas wolf, the long-serving director of the vocational school for music, as he entered retirement. During the ceremony, loffler also emphasized the exemplary and constructive cooperation that wolf had cultivated with him as well as with the teaching staff and the student body. He went on to say: "i would like to thank you for your outstanding commitment over the past decades." words of thanks and congratulations were also conveyed by the district administrator on behalf of district president henry schramm. In addition to the district of kronach, the district of upper franconia is also a member and sponsor of the association.

Andreas wolf worked for the association of vocational schools for music and singing and music schools in upper franconia from 1982 onward. From the beginning he taught a wide variety of subjects in theory and practice. In an executive position, he served as assistant principal from 1989 and as principal from 2002. He also helped organize the regional "jugend musiziert" competition for the cities and counties of coburg, kronach and lichtenfels, as well as in overseeing the vhs music ring.

In his words of thanks, his successor burkhart schurmann emphasized that wolf had given the school a profile of its own. He had also conducted outstanding regional and national concerts. The congratulations and words of thanks were joined by the chairwoman of the staff council of the vocational school, birgit eichstadter, as well as christian neubauer from the personnel administration of the district office.

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Peace must be prayed for

"Show evil the red card, then good will prevail." dean thomas hauth showed as a festival preacher of 72. Peace pilgrimage on how to intervene in peace with faith and prayer. "It remains a mystery of humanity why it leads itself again and again to an abyss", said the preacher. 100 years have passed since the first great war gripped the entire world. After this and the following catastrophes of humanity, the wish "never again war" follows like an oath!

Standard goes to the racecourse

to the 72. On the occasion of the first peace pilgrimage, the local pastor, father jan poja, welcomed a large number of visitors to the church after collecting the participants on the outskirts of the village. The peace standard was handed over from the parish association of kronach sud to the parish association of rennsteig.

Gudrun kalter said that they had kept their promise and held a monthly prayer meeting for peace in the world in one of the seven parishes. The peace standard had inspired and one could experience new experiences in the prayer for peace. The three hours of prayer were followed by the procession to the peace cross, in which several clergymen participated.

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Change in the editorial management

Change in the editorial management

Change in the main-post editorial office in kitzingen: the previous editorial director norbert hohler has left as of 1. Moved to wurzburg on october, will soon take over as head of the sports editorial department as successor to gunther schwarzer.

The 59-year-old is returning to his roots, having worked in sports from 1981 to 1989. After various positions at other media companies and within the main-post, he has been responsible for the local editorial office in luitpoldstrasse in kitzingen for five and a half years.

Successor at the main-post for 26 years

Andreas brachs succeeds him as head of the editorial department. The 53-year-old started working as a trainee at the main-post in 1991 and then worked as an editor for eight years in lohr and 16 in marktheidenfeld (both in the main-spessart district). For the past five years, he has been in charge of the four editorial offices in the main-spessart district. His main focus was on reporting on local politics and the local economy.

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30 Years of jazz at the music school

30 years of jazz at the kulmbach municipal music school are truly a reason to celebrate. Therefore, the music school invites you to join us under the motto "it’s jazztime" to two anniversary events.

Music school director harald streit emphasizes that the history of jazz at the music school already goes back a long way. "The main contributor was our music teacher thomas schimmel. It was he who set up the jazz stylistics department at the music school in 1989, which soon developed into the first big band called "swing pink developed. The first jazz session was held in 1994, and since then it has been held once a month".

On saturday, 19. October, the t-jazz big band under the direction of thomas schimmel will make the kommunbrau swing at 7 p.M. Afterwards, at about 8 pm, the teacher-big-band-bavaria will give a guest performance in the kommunbrau. Tickets for the anniversary evening are available from 1. October for sale at the tourist information office of the city of kulmbach. The lehrer-big-band- bavaria consists of over 45 active members, all of whom are teachers at general education schools from all over bavaria.

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Emilie meier from hebdorf wins state prize for “mature performance

"with this award we want to show the public what people can do after their active time and how they can give their lives a new turn", declared the minister of state christine haderthauer. And: "the seniors of today belong to the most educated, healthiest and wealthiest senior generation of all times!"

a song of praise for emilie meier
the honorary prize of the six seniors nominated from central franconia went to 93-year-old heinz bakeberg from nuremberg and 73-year-old emilie meier from hebdorf. Her laudation was held by the vice president of the government eugen ehmann. "actually i should serenade them", he said with a smile.
The girl from hebdorf had not expected the honorary prize at all. "of course i would be happy if i got the prize", she said before the start of the ceremony a bit tense. When her picture appears on the big stage screen, she is excited and goes on stage, where she is welcomed by michael sporer, a well-known radio and tv presenter.
The prize-winner has devoted herself to music and is the first chairwoman of the hebdorf singing group, which she founded in 1988. She is active in the german singing federation, group chairwoman of the aurach singing group and is a member of the board of the music council of the district erlangen-hochstadt. So much voluntary commitment to choral singing really deserves a song of praise.
But all the other four active seniors from the erlangen-hochstadt area could easily have been on the winners' podium, too. Emilie meier's husband manfred meier (76) was also one of them. The two of them suggested each other for the prize – without their partner's knowledge.
"we don"t have much time at all and have to go back immediately after the award ceremony. Tonight we have the last choir rehearsal for the christmas concert of the hebdorfer singkreis", explained emilie meier, grabbed her prize and off they went.

Traudl immediately fell in
90-year-old honorary citizen gertraud frohlich was nominated from adelsdorf. Gisela sprockhoff-wendel, adelsdorf"s senior citizens" representative, had suggested it . "I immediately thought of our former teacher, traudl frohlich, who at 90 years of age is still doing a great job and is still very active today, tells sprockhoff-wendel.
When the astonished senior citizen heard the news of her nomination from munich on the phone, mayor karsten fischkal rejoiced with her. He was immediately prepared to travel with his honorary citizen to the award ceremony in munich. In the laudatory speech, we hear: "even if frau frohlich spends a lot of time in the water – she certainly won"t get rusty".
From herzogenaurach was the mountaineer hans "gaschi" gaschbauer nominated. The 83-year-old has a mountain of donations, among other things of almost 30 000 euro collected for earthquake victims of kashmir. He is particularly proud of this! "Our pharmacist suggested me – and i was really happy about that!", he reveals excitedly in munich.
"Gaschi" would have been happy to stand on the stage and be honored for his work. But the nomination alone motivates him and everyone else to carry on as before.
Also nominated was gertrud stief from eckental (79). Who reported it, it learns only very shortly before: "our landrat eberhard irlinger was it!", she proudly tells the ft. The young-at-heart senior even traveled to the event in her own car.

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Body art and delicious cuisine in kulmbach

A chef cannot receive greater praise: "we were there the first time and have already pre-ordered tickets for next year", says karin battistella. Her husband carlo, himself a chef, is also enthusiastic about what his colleagues have to offer at the second franconian culinary event. "Excellent gourmet cuisine", explains the northern italian-born.

With the battistellas 200 guests let themselves be entertained on saturday evening in the dr.-stammberger hall spoiled by five top regional chefs. Heini schopf ("schloss", neudrossenfeld), otto krug ("old fire station", kulmbach), frank eckert ("reiterhof", wirsberg), michael kolb ("gastronomy golf club", thurnau) and michael kohlmann (raps company, kulmbach) conjure up a menu of the finest quality from regional ingredients.

Mayor stefan schaffranek becomes the spokesman for the guests and congratulates the organizer, the bayerische rundschau, which he calls the "mouthpiece of the region" says: "it’s nice that there’s a gala like this in kulmbach."

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