29-Year-old female paraglider pilot lands in tree

A paraglider landed in a beech tree near arnshausen on sunday. The young woman from the district of offenbach had possibly misjudged the winds around the forest aisle below the wittelsbach tower. Other paragliders assumed that she chose to land in a tree for safety’s sake. With hypothermia and shock, but otherwise uninjured, she was taken to the hospital for observation.

Popular take-off site with north wind

the accident happened shortly after 12.30 o’clock. Around 15 paragliders were flying in and above the wittelsbacher turm at the time. The site is especially popular when the wind comes from the north. "This is one of the few places far and wide for this wind direction", reports christian schlagel. The 25-year-old had come to arnshausen from wiesentheid. "The launch site here is not easy", he knows from his own experience, and: "something like this can happen very quickly."

One problem at the launch site below the wittelsbacher tower is that the slope does not reach all the way down into the valley. "Slope take-offs are always a bit more difficult, on open terrain you just land", also says burkard kuhn, the terrain officer at the saaletal paragliding club. The association has permission from the property owners to take off and land paragliders on the 385-meter-high slope and on a meadow about a hundred meters below.

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Subsidies from the free state relieve the burden on the district youth welfare budget

The youth welfare committee of the hassberge district dealt with the 2020 budget. Overall, expenses and income fall significantly. The grant requirement for youth services, including personnel costs and other allocations, increases minimally (less than 0.3 percent) to 7.93 million euros. One reason for this is the lower cost of assuming kindergarten fees.

Costs are falling

At the presentation of the budget, the head of the district youth welfare office, christoph schramm, pointed out that the need for subsidies has risen steadily since 2013. The significantly lower accounting result in 2017 was striking. The background: there had been several disputes about reimbursement of costs for children living in homes. The district youth welfare office has now received cost reimbursements of 55,000 euros per child and year for five children in care, backdated for several years at a time – making a total of almost one million euros.

Christoph schramm, head of the youth welfare office, is pleased that the county’s share of own funds has stagnated and hopes to be able to save further costs.

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Hsg mainfranken flirts with the title fight

The hsg mainfranken women’s handball team seems to have an appetite for more. After last season’s strong second half, when they stormed to fourth place in the landesliga, they are now hungry for further success. Coach steffi placht says: "we want to play at the top. Our squad definitely has what it takes."

The season opener has a banger in store this saturday. For the first trip leads the team from kitzingen, mainbernheim and etwashausen to the 1. Fc nuremberg. The club ladies were relegated from the bavarian league last season and are among the title favorites. "That’s a big one. The very first game will show where we stand and how well we have worked in preparation," says placht.

But the hsg women need have no more than respect for the relegated team: they beat the fcn by a clear margin at their own preparatory tournament at the beginning of september and passed the other tests against the bavarian league teams from stadeln and bayreuth. In the end, the mainfranken team won the one-day competition. It was the successful conclusion of a mixed preparation period. Because placht was constantly missing players for the usual reasons, such as vacation, work or study. "I’ve only very rarely had all the girls at training. It’s a shame, but unfortunately it can’t be helped."After all, we play in a league between fun and competitive sports. So it’s a matter of keeping the girls in good spirits. Team spirit plays a major role here.

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In bad bruckenau: women move the church

The theme was: "silence is out. We talk! Women move the church!", it says in a press release.

Theologian edith fecher, who works as a course chaplain at the state spa in bad bruckenau, began her talk with a look at the current situation and the movements in the church on the women’s issue. In an overview, she presented the arguments of the ecclesiastical magisterium against equal rights, ordination and access to the ministry. With examples from the bible and church history, however, she was able to prove that women did indeed lead congregations and hold offices.

Argumentation aids for equal rights

With the "maria 2" movement.0" women advocate for equal rights in the church. Edith fecher, who works as a pastoral officer in the diocese of wurzburg, pointed out that other initiatives around the world are now fighting for this equality. With argumentation aids for equal rights, she gave material to participate in the discussions about it. According to fecher, this can be used to competently refute arguments against the ordination of women. The apostolic letter "ordinatio sacerdotalis" from 1994 is often cited as one of the main arguments against the ordination of women by pope john paul ii. From 1994 is often cited as one of the main arguments against the ordination of women, but its universal validity is now controversial among theologians.

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Bayern and schalke in the round of 16 – freiburg breathes a sigh of relief

Bayern and schalke in the round of 16 - freiburg breathes a sigh of relief

Defending champions fc bayern munchen have reached the eighth final of the dfb cup with a solid showing. Last season’s treble winners won their second-round home match against hannover 96 4:1 (2:1).

Schalke 04 and sc freiburg also through to third round. "Konigsblau" ended the cup fairy tale of third division sv darmstadt 98 with a 3:1 (1:1), freiburg took revenge for last season’s semifinal exit with a 2:1 (0:0) in the baden-wurttemberg duel with vfb stuttgart.

In total, ten first division teams, five second division teams and the 1. Fc saarbrucken only one third-division club left in the field of eighth-finalists. While eintracht frankfurt comfortably knocked out second-division side vfl bochum 2-0 (2-0), hertha bsc lost 3-1 (1-0) at 1. Fc kaiserslautern. Meanwhile, third-league team 1. Fc saarbrucken a cup shocker. After werder bremen, the traditional club also knocked second-division sc paderborn out of the competition with a 2:1 (2:0) win. In a duel between two second-division teams, fsv frankfurt lost 0:2 (0:1) at home to fc ingolstadt, while 1. Fc union berlin solved their compulsory task at vfl osnabruck with 1:0 (1:0).

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Armstrong implicates former uci chief verbruggen

Armstrong implicates former UCI chief verbruggen

Lance armstrong spills the beans. The dethroned tour de france record winner has dragged cycling’s world governing body (uci) into the biggest doping scandal and heavily incriminated former uci boss hein verbruggen.

According to the american, the current uci honorary president helped cover up armstrong’s positive doping test in 1999. "Hein just said, ‘this is a real problem for me, this is the k.O.-blow to our sport – one year after festina. This is how we have to come up with something.So we backdated the prescription," armstrong said in an interview with the daily mail, referring to a positive test for cortisone at the 1999 tour de france.

Verbruggen, the longtime intimate of former ioc president jacques rogge, declined to comment on the case to cyclingnews and could not be reached for comment by dpa. In the past, the current uci honorary president had always denied having been involved in the cover-up of armstrong’s positive samples. He also wrote this to the national federations: "i have never acted inappropriately, my conscience is absolutely clean. I do not accept that my integrity is called into question."

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“The coalition agreement needs a liberal signature”

Stefan wolf ran as a direct candidate for the fdp in the electoral district of kulmbach-lichtenfels-bamberg. A good 14 days after the election, the 25-year-old from gundelsheim looks back with satisfaction on his result and that of his party.

What pleased you most during the election campaign??
Stefan wolf: of course you’re pleased with the fdp’s result. We were able to more than double the number of first and second votes in the electoral district and contributed our share to the excellent national result. In the election campaign itself, i was pleased about the support, z.B. From our district chairman thomas nagel – when as a journalist he always corrected my press releases.

And what were you really annoyed about??
About not being included in panel discussions. Associations had invited only the parties represented in the bundestag for panel discussions. You can do that, but it doesn’t help the culture of debate. But that has changed again.

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What will become of the real stores?

It is a wait that wears on the nerves. "We’ve been stalled for a year now", reports barbara lorenz, works council chairwoman at the real store in hallstadt (bamberg district). Like her and the other 130 or so employees in the warehouse, all real employees nationwide are affected.

Since the metro retail group announced in the fall of 2018 that it intended to part with the real stores, there has been a great deal of uncertainty. "Everyone would like to know where the road goes", says lorenz.

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Four lanes in the weichengereuth do not please the people of coburg

The 40 chairs at the council table in the hall of the town hall were occupied without exception on thursday evening, and about two-thirds of the chairs in the auditorium were also occupied. The city of bamberg and the bamberg state building authority provided information about the planned four-lane expansion of the weichengereuth road. Most of the people in the audience were residents of bundesstrasse 4 between the junction of ahorner berg and the frankenbrucke bridge. Municipal politicians and employees of the city administration were also present.

During the two hours or so, there was repeated applause for individual presentations and comments – even at the end there was good applause – but stefan arneth from the bamberg authorities was unable to score any real points with the residents. If the 1,600-meter-long weichengereuth is widened from two to four lanes, people in kleine rosenau, samuel-schmidt-strabe and strabe am ginster will fear more traffic, more exhaust fumes and longer as well as more tailbacks.

Let’s not have an "asphalt orgy

The city council will discuss in its meeting on thursday, 21. November, according to mayor norbert tessmer, the city will decide whether or not it wants the expansion, which has so far cost a rough estimate of around 25 million euros. In the summer of three years ago, the four-lane expansion was considered an "urgent" priority was included in the federal traffic route plan, but in september of this year the construction and environmental senate rejected the extension. At the beginning of september, the residents had opposed "the asphalt orgy" and since then, more and more concerns have been voiced by coburg’s municipal politicians.

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Preschool children explore knightly life in the altenstein ruins

Preschool children explore knightly life in the altenstein ruins

Jens fertinger with the last weeks of july the time of farewell is approaching for the children who have attended the daycare center in maroldsweisach for three to five years. This year, too, the excursion led to the altenstein ruins.

After parents, teachers and children had made all the preparations for the overnight stay, the children were brought to altenstein. There, the chairman of the association deutscher burgenwinkel, mayor wolfram thein, welcomed them to the life-size knight figure in front of the castle information center, before they embarked on a journey through time into the life of a castle together with burgenwinkel manager alexander blochl.

Blochl explained the eventful history of altenstein castle and its inhabitants in a way that was suitable for children. The tour started at the chapel. After exploring the "talking fountain the children got an insight into the life of the former castle inhabitants, which was by far not always as tranquil as one gets to see in fairy tale films. The station "professions in the castle gave evidence of life in the castle. The outer castle had several functions: its enclosure was intended to ensure the safe storage of food supplies and livestock and to serve as accommodation for the servants. In addition, attempts were made to produce much of what was needed to live in and maintain the castle in the outer bailey. In this way, the children became more independent from the surrounding area, from the taxes of their subjects and from the weather.

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