Social justice: majority sees germany in a socially unbalanced position

Social justice: majority sees germany in a socially unbalanced position

A report in the leipziger volkszeitung" according to the survey, two-thirds of german citizens (65 percent) believe that germany is not socially just. In the east, 73 percent are of this opinion, in the west 63 percent. Only just under one in three (31 percent) is convinced that there is social justice in germany (33 percent in the west, 22 percent in the east). At the same time, more than 80 percent think that there is too much complaining, and that germans are doing better than ever and should be more satisfied.

Pizza maker hands out 200 free pizzas to the homeless

according to a survey, only one in four people in germany (25 percent) believe in equal opportunities for advancement for all; east and west agree on this issue. 73 percent of all german citizens (east: 71 percent, west: 74 percent) criticized the lack of equal opportunities for advancement.

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Most bamberg residents have access to fast internet

On monday, the municipal utilities will start a new cluster of their fiber optic network at the train station. By the end of the year, 1750 households are to be added to the 35,000 that are already connected. "Bamberg is very well supplied, but we are still a long way from the end when it comes to network expansion", telekom press spokesman markus jodl also says. And vodafone advertises maximum speeds of up to 400 megabits per second, which 45,000 households connected to the fiber-optic cable network can now use.

"A lot has happened in recent years with regard to the availability of high-speed internet. According to the federal broadband atlas, 85 percent of all households in the city of bamberg have access to transmission rates of at least 50 mbit per second, so fast internet is available in most of the city", ihk president sonja weigand notes. But there are still some white spots in the city of bamberg, so further expansion is unavoidable. For entrepreneur and chairman of bamberg startups chris dippold, too, fast internet plays an important role: "most of our tools only make sense with an internet connection, our phone is in the cloud and communication with customers takes place predominantly online."

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Spd wants to set a new course

SPD wants to set a new course

At the annual meeting of the spd local association of thonberg at the schuberth inn, the focus was on the reports of the office bearers, the honoring of erika schramm and the delegate elections.

In his annual report, chairman herbert michalek discussed the local tasks and the meetings at the district and subdistrict level. The three local spd associations took part in the anniversary parade of the thonberg fire department. According to michalek, the loss of votes in the state elections, in which the spd fell to a historic low, was terrible. The view is however directed forward, because already in may the european elections take place and in march 2020 are the local elections.

Michalek emphasized that suitable and, above all, younger candidates are urgently needed for the municipal council. Next ash wednesday, 6. March, starting at 7 p.M., will be held at the "frankenwald" inn a joint political event was held in weibenbrunn. The chairman and his deputy karl-heinz muller were elected as delegates.

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Fair stars of tomorrow

The fact that the sv wildflecken has once again organized its traditional peter manger memorial tournament is by no means as self-evident as the smooth running of the mammoth event might suggest. Only in 2017, the sv had revived the competition with high-class junior soccer. Manger, who was once a founding member, chairman, referee, game director, treasurer, department head and patron of the sv, died in 1985 at the age of 76. The wildflecken sports enthusiasts have not forgotten him. For the first time in 1990, the people of rhon organized a sports weekend in his honor. But over the years, the commemorative tournament had somehow fallen into oblivion. Until last year it was decided to continue this sporting tradition of wildflecken.
This year the focus was more on the teams from the region. Last year, renowned clubs such as the 1. Fc nurnberg and tsg hoffenheim had been at the start. The sporting action started on saturday, and the venerable helmut-patzke-stadium was already bustling in the early hours of the morning, with an extensive tournament for u9- and u11-juniors.
Originally, a total of twelve teams were scheduled to take part in the u9 tournament. "But the wurzburger kickers had to cancel at short notice", explained the newly appointed sv chairman andreas schmid, who shares the office with reinhard bramowski and sebastian hauke. In a tense final, sc olching beat sg wildflecken ii 4:3 (2:2) in a nine-meter shootout. Fc schweinfurt 05 came in third, sweeping vfl sportfreunde bad neustadt 3:0 from the field in the minor final. Fifth place went to fc coburg, who beat fc 06 bad kissingen 5-0. Sg wildflecken had to settle for eighth place after losing 2-0 to sg hollstadt. The match for ninth place was a close affair, which djk schondra could only decide in favor of jsg wasserkuppe in a nine-meter shootout with a score of 2:1 (1:1). Fc hammelburg finishes in eleventh place.

Penalty shootout decides

already the two semi-final matches were hardly to be outbid at tension. Fc schweinfurt 05 only lost to sc olching in a nine-meter shootout. And the sg wildflecken ii had also defeated the vfl sportfreunde bad neustadt only in the nine-meter shootout. As expected, fc schweinfurt 05 had made a big impression in the preliminary round, when the "schnudel" (youngsters) won the tournament with 19:0 goals and twelve points from four games virtually walked through the competition.
In midsummer temperatures and cloudless skies at the foot of the kreuzberg, the tournament for the u11 teams started on saturday afternoon, with fc schweinfurt 05 again among the favorites. The sg wildflecken was here even with three teams at the start. In the final, vfl sportfreunde bad neustadt won 1:0 against fc coburg. In the small final, fc schweinfurt 05 defeated sg wildflecken iii quite clearly with 2:0. Sg thulba came in fifth, beating sg oberelsbach 2-1. Seventh place was secured by vfr stadt bischofsheim with a 1-0 win over sg oberleichtersbach. In the match for ninth place, there was a curious duel between sg wildflecken i and sg wildflecken ii, which the first team won 2:0. Sv romershag, who beat fc 06 bad kissingen 3:2, finished in eleventh place.

Dreiberg kickers at the top

on sunday the u7-juniors and the hobby teams from the marktgraitz presented themselves. In the tournament of the seven u7 teams, the mode was changed to "everyone against everyone" changed. A kind of final happened in the last game, where the dreiberg kickers won 1:0 against the wurzburger kickers and ended up at the top of the table.
Achim mathes from sv wildflecken thanked the stars of tomorrow for an all-around fair game: "you showed all the spectators great, exciting games." thanks also to all the helpers, sponsors, trainers, coaches and referees who contributed to the success of the tournament. "We would like all teams to come back to us next year. I hope that all participants and spectators had their fun. The most important thing at this event."

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Schalke coach wagner: “sporting success all the more important”

Schalke coach wagner: 'sporting success all the more important'

"We have employees that i talk to, that i meet every day. The fact that they are not beaming with joy at the moment and that some people are voicing their concerns is completely justified," said the 48-year-old in an interview with the newspapers of the funke mediengruppe. "I know our figures, even if not in detail, and understand the concern expressed by the board of directors."

The club itself had pointed to a "potentially existence-threatening economic situation". After a weak fiscal year, the schalkers are depending on every cent this season. The seasonal break caused by the coronavirus crisis is a major factor.

"In this situation, sporting success is all the more important," said wagner. As sixth in the table, the club is desperate for a european cup spot. At the moment, the bundesliga and the 2nd bundesliga are at a standstill. Bundesliga until 30. April. On thursday, the 36 club bosses and the german soccer league will discuss the further course of action.

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Mysterious artist keeps the aischgrund in suspense

A vernissage from 2 to 4 p.M. In a hut in lonnerstadt and almost simultaneously from 3 to 8 p.M. The exhibition "hidden gallery in the old dairy in the neuweststrabe in uehlfeld – thus united on sunday, 11. October, which despite several newspaper reports still mysterious artists "ra.G.E" in the aischgrund many of his works for simultaneous contemplation.

In the original, of course, this is impossible – he mainly paints lonely huts in the woods and meadows or otherwise contributes to the beautification of lonely places. But captured on posters and photographs, an impression is to be created of how he artistically captures his ambitions. There are also their own pictures, a mosaic, drawings, all made with unusual materials. And a short film can be seen – drone footage of the qr code dug into a field near mailach, which was the start of the story in the ft. A week of work by the way, the digging, mainly alone.

To make people think about transience and to capture their own emotions – this is the goal that the young man is pursuing. He also wants to bring culture to the countryside. "I could have done it all in the city. But in the rural area is with such artistic actions but as good as nothing offered. So here", he expresses himself.

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Bitkom: online food retailing barely reaches new customers

Bitkom: online food retailing barely reaches new customers

Grocery shopping online is treading water with minimal growth, according to a study by digital association bitkom.

Whereas 28 percent of users in germany bought groceries online in 2016, two years later the figure is just 29 percent. The association emphasizes that satisfaction with the door-to-door service is high. A good third of respondents (35 percent) also said they could well imagine buying food or drinks online in the future.

The survey showed that there is still little demand for fresh foods in particular. In contrast, confectionery (52 percent), ready meals and canned foods (41 percent), foods for vegan diets (29 percent) and gourmet specialties (27 percent) are in decline. Meat and sausage products (25 percent), dairy products (22 percent) and fruit and vegetables (21 percent), on the other hand, ranked significantly lower.

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Discussion about drainages

In a letter dated may 2020, the adelsdorf spd faction had requested comprehensive information on all issues concerning the construction/garden drainage in the reuthsee residential area. This was also one of the items on the agenda at the municipal council meeting on wednesday evening.

"Drains have been laid everywhere in the reuthsee construction area", explains jorg bubel (spd). "Our request is a request for information for the citizens. The first houses in the reuthsee area were occupied in 2016. As of 2018, property owners should have been required to decommission construction and garden drains. The drainage now deliberately increases the proportion of foreign water."

Extraneous water is measured

Thomas wolf from the technical building office explained that the drains were temporary drains for the gardens and that up to 15 owners were connected to one drain. "They are without rinsing shaft", he continues "if you don't flush them, then after two or three years they will no longer be continuous."

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“Loewe investor must hold on to kronach”

Uncertainty and fear currently dominate the picture among employees of the kronach-based television manufacturer loewe. After reports circulated in the media on monday that loewe was planning to relocate production to asia, the management reacted promptly. There was a staff meeting called at short notice this week. Chairman of the board of management matthias harsch endeavored to dispel some of the rumors that had spread during his interview with the news magazine "der spiegel" by presenting facts about the creditor protection proceedings had triggered a reaction among the employees.

"We are no longer an equipment manufacturer, and i’m trying to talk the company out of that too. Our topic is entertainment" – this was harsh in the "spiegel has been quoted. It sounded a bit like a quiet farewell to the kronach production site. Not true, said loewe. Only the entry-level range would be affected by a possible relocation. High-end manufacturing will definitely stay in kronach. This refers to the reference id and individual lines.

So far so good, one might think. But the restructuring plan drawn up in the spring, as a result of which 180 employees were given compulsory redundancy notices, is already falling on the television manufacturer’s feet again. The market trend is worse than was thought at the time. Turnover has collapsed. Loewe managers, consultants and lawyers are currently working on a new restructuring plan. What this will look like is still completely open.

The collective restructuring agreement applies

the collective restructuring agreement negotiated in the spring with the works council and ig metall is still in force. The company wants to keep to this target, harsch confirmed this week in front of the assembled workforce. Among other things, the agreement stipulates that employees work 35 hours per week, but are only paid for 33 hours. In return for this and other concessions, there was a guarantee of employment. "It won’t end until the restructuring agreement expires on the 28th. February 2015", said jurgen apfel, first authorized representative of ig metall in coburg and here responsible for the loewe company. Redundancies are not possible during this period. And "only we can cancel the contract", apple made clear. At the end of march 2014 at the earliest, there would be this possibility.

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Inauguration only after 44 years

inauguration only after 44 years

Roland schonmuller wilhelmsthal/lahm-"what lasts long, finally becomes good!" – there is a saying. It says: with patience and perseverance one reaches one’s goal. Or: the result was worth the effort. The ancient quotation is used when, after a long time, a presentable result is seen. Then the effort is worthwhile and the result is good. This is also true for current construction projects like the new berlin airport. But has also validity on a historical sacral architecture in the region. Example: lame in the frankenwald.

In 1726, after four years of construction, the baroque parish church there was completed. But forty-four years had to wait believers and clergy until the consecration. About the reasons can only be speculated. On 30. September 1770 the time has finally come. Bamberger suffragan bishop joseph heinrich performs the consecration of the stately house of worship.

The festivities are splendid and in rhyme recite "two young boys with accomodated hair in choir skirts" on the occasion of the church consecration, an eight-verse poem in which it says: "frohlock, o frohes lahm! / rejoice in loud choirs! / bent to worship the name of grace / josephi / through whom grace is granted to me, / as i am being consecrated."

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