No more video surveillance on coburg’s steinweg

The evaluation of the trial operation of a video surveillance system in steinweg, which lasted several months, has been completed. Accordingly, there was no reduction in security-related crimes in the months of april to june inclusive, so that a continuation is "currently not planned is. This was announced by the police headquarters of upper franconia on friday.

On easter sunday, a trial operation of a video surveillance system in the steinweg started, initially planned for two months. The reason for this measure was the "kneipenmeile" (pub mile) steinweg again and again registered crimes, which occur predominantly at the typical going out times. Recordings were therefore made on saturdays, sundays and public holidays between 0 and 6 a.M. The operation of the cameras was extended by june. After the end of the trial operation, the police headquarters of upper franconia, in close cooperation with the coburg police department, evaluated and assessed the operation.

"A noticeable reduction in the number of offences could not be determined", it says now in the message of the police headquarters upper franconia. In fact, the coburg police recorded even more offenses against persons compared to the average number in previous years. During the period, the police recorded 19 offenses instead of the average of 17 offenses in previous years. "The increase, however, is probably due to the mild weather, which is good for the time of year", suspects the police.

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Boss from knetzgau

Tilmann rothhammer (42) is to become the new managing director supply chain and a member of the management board of coca-cola european partners deutschland (ccep de). The appointment is to take place on 4. The company announced today that the appointment will take place at the next supervisory board meeting on september 2019.

Rothhammer started his career at coca-cola in october 2011 as operations manager at the knetzgau site. He then rose to the position of regional production director and was responsible, among other things, for the further development and optimization of the production network as well as digitalization within the supply chain. In april 2018, rothhammer took over the position of production director germany, responsible for all production sites in germany. According to the company, he was responsible for the commissioning of four new lines during this period and played a key role in increasing the efficiency of the german production network.

The supply chain manager could be described as a company’s strategic planner. He is responsible for a smooth flow in the value chain.

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Vfb angry about ghost game in rome

Vfb angry about ghost game in rome

Those responsible for the bundesliga soccer club regret above all the disadvantages for their innocently excluded supporters, but also the dreary atmosphere in the eighth-final second leg of the europe league on 14. March in the italian capital. "We find this very annoying and it is an incredible pity, or rather a drama for our fans," was the verdict of vfb sporting director fredi bobic. "But unfortunately our hands are tied there." coach bruno labbadia complained: "this is quite brutal for our fans."

Vfb fans cannot expect financial compensation from uefa after spectator exclusion in match at lazio roma. "No compensation is provided for such cases," the european soccer union told the dpa news agency on request and referred to the clubs concerned.

The previous evening, uefa had sentenced the italian top club to two ghost matches in the european cup and a fine of 40,000 euros for repeated misconduct by its fans. Supporters of the third-placed team in the table were often conspicuous for their racist and right-wing extremist reactions. Most recently, borussia fans were injured with knife wounds during the inter-round match against monchengladbach.

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Eight new charging stations

Stadtwerke ebermannstadt continues to expand the public charging infrastructure with the help of federal funding. Since charging stations have not yet been economically viable, the federal government has launched a subsidy program. The ebermannstadt municipal utility took advantage of this opportunity and, together with local authorities and private property owners, applied for funding for eight charging points at the beginning of march. The federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure has now granted funding for all the charging stations applied for.
Stadtwerke ebermannstadt and its partners are pleased that the expansion of the charging infrastructure is making further progress. At least some of the charging stations are to be installed in the current year, the rest in 2018. "We’re putting green electricity on the streets", according to jurgen fiedler, managing director of stadtwerke ebermannstadt.

Filling up around the clock

"our new 22 kw charging stations are located in public spaces and can be used around the clock, seven days a week." 100 percent of the electricity used by the charging stations is generated from renewable sources.
With the installation of the first charging station in 2010, stadtwerke ebermannstadt is one of the pioneers of electromobility. In addition to setting up a charging infrastructure, the municipal utility of ebermannstadt informs citizens and businesses about environmentally friendly and forward-looking electromobility in lectures, one-on-one consultations and show days. A large proportion of charging takes place at home or at the workplace. Here, too, ebermannstadt’s municipal utilities are on hand to provide advice and support.

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Especially valuable reading material

Especially valuable reading material

It took a little longer, but now he is here: the new herzogenaurach town clerk. Since 1997, the druckwerk has been produced under the auspices of the heimatverein. In the city writer, certain historical events are remembered and almost forgotten things are recalled to the readers’ memory. But it is also a journey through the events to which the local history society had invited in the years between the publications.

The eleventh edition covers the years 2016 to 2018. That there is a "slight delay" the chairman of the local history society, klaus-peter gabelein, said. "Technology threw a spanner in the works." because shortly before the actual publication "crashed" the computer crashed, all data seemed to be lost. It took a lengthy and costly data recovery operation to retrieve the lost data sets and thus the texts again. "From harm comes wisdom, from harm comes poverty!", gabelein explained with a smile.

Buy or become a member

In principle, this is a particularly valuable town recorder, which has now been handed over to the mayor german hacker by the main players of the heimatverein. On 232 the stories and incidents are included, which were created by the authors manfred welker, klaus-peter gabelein, christian kindler and rainer groh. Photos, including some from the archives of the frankischer tage and editor bernhard panzer, illustrate the edition, which is now going out to the public with 1000 copies.

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Gerland not only puts up the hats

Gerland not only puts up the hats

"I’m the one who puts up the hats", says hermann gerland and laughs. Of course, this is a gross understatement and he knows it himself. The 57-year-old was so ambitious, not only as an active player, that "no opponent wanted to play against me, but also as a trainer. Together with his colleague peter hermann, the co-coach of fc bayern munchen answered questions in wendelstein in the district of roth.

In a fittingly 90-minute panel discussion, the two soccer coaches talked about their professional careers and the current state of their work at fc bayern. Gerard monin, chairman of the central franconia soccer coaches’ association (gft), was able to convince gerland and hermann to appear as guest speakers at an advanced training course. Hermann gerland embodies the successful youth work of fc bayern munchen like no other, has discovered and promoted talents like philipp lahm, bastian schweinsteiger or thomas muller.

For the more than 100 amateur coaches present, it was "a real treat" has been happy to learn from experienced professionals, says monin. The former vice president of the 1. Fc nurnberg had used its contacts to lure the two co-coaches from munich to wendelstein. Like monin, hermann gerland and peter hermann are both associated with 1. Fc nurnberg as well as fc bayern munchen. Gerland was head coach at nuremberg in the late 80s and mid 90s and hermann was co-coach of michael oenning in the 2008/09 promotion season.

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The main thing is that someone invests…

Franconia is booming – almost ten million guests came in 2017, 1.8 million of them from abroad. Tendency increasing. Townspeople are amazed at the prices in the "franconian", where the crispy schaufela doesn’t even cost ten euros yet and the small brewery inns are already "a tennerla" when the price of beer goes up – maybe from 2.20 to 2.30 euros – having second thoughts.

Some tourists swear by culinary delights, others by (architectural) culture, such as in picturesque bamberg, while others swear by the wild and romantic nature of the frankenwald or the river valleys of franconian switzerland.

But watch out, tourism managers! Your heile frankische world of the high gloss brochures crumbles. Everywhere is being "cleaned up" now. A municipality flattening two old townhouses in the middle of town. A renovation would be "uneconomical" been – the death sentence for most of the old huts. Tradition and identity are something you have to want to afford. But a new, beautiful tuscany settlement is being built on the green meadow – just like in bielefeld, bottrop or bautzen.

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Physics, salsa and sirtaki: nobel prize winner parisi

physics, salsa and sirtaki: nobel prize winner parisi

He was driven by the curiosity for new discoveries – but these could not be planned. You can try to look to the future with all the formulas and scientific tricks, he said in 2018 at a lecture. But there is a much more fundamental rule: "the future will always surprise you."

On tuesday, the professor emeritus had the same experience when he received a call from sweden. The 73-year-old was awarded the nobel prize for physics together with two other scientists. "I’m glad, i didn’t expect this," parisi said in an initial reaction, "…But i always had the phone with me."

The meeting on 4. August, born in rome, studied under renowned italian physicist nicola cabibbo. He then specialized in the study of elementary particles, but also devoted himself to other areas such as the development of supercomputers and complex systems. "Physics is all about discovering new phenomena," he said in an interview earlier this year. "But this "new" is what it’s all about on the fly, you have to be aware of everything you know and everything you expect to see."

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Rebel prosecutor ortega fled from venezuela

rebel prosecutor ortega fled from venezuela

Attorney general luisa ortega, deposed after a weeks-long power struggle with venezuela’s president nicolas maduro, has fled to colombia despite an exit ban. Together with her husband, deputy german ferrer, she landed in the capital, bogota.

This was communicated by the colombian immigration authorities. Ortega first crossed to the caribbean island of aruba by boat and from there flew to colombia in a private plane. The couple was accompanied by one of ortega’s employees and former anti-corruption lawyer arturo vilar.

Ortega accuses maduro of turning venezuela into a dictatorship. She was deposed at the behest of the head of state, and secret service agents searched her apartment. Her husband ferrer is accused of being at the head of a corruption network and of having parked money in accounts abroad. The new attorney general tarek william saab called for his arrest.

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Embezzlement: a good report card for the chamber of handicrafts

In its spring meeting, the plenary session of the chamber of handicrafts for upper franconia once again dealt with the embezzlements surrounding gewerbe-treuhand oberfranken steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbh (gto). After an extraordinary meeting in april had paved the way for a successful continuation of the company, this time the focus was once again on a complete clarification of the incidents. The committee gto of the chamber of handicrafts, which was founded especially from the full assembly, gave a good testimony in an interim report. "We were supported in our work in all respects, we were able to inspect all documents and all questions were answered openly and transparently by the presidium and the management", said the chairman of the gto committee, andreas troger, head of the motor vehicle guild of upper franconia.

The interest of the full assembly in sending clear signals to the skilled trades in upper franconia is just as great. Therefore, the members decided by a majority to postpone the resolution on the 2019 annual financial statements, which were originally due for approval, until the fall meeting and to bring forward the external audit of the 2019 annual financial statements, which usually takes place every four years, until then.

Hwk president thomas zimmer addressed the situation of the skilled trades in the pandemic. "We were very pleased that it was recognized how important crafts are for the regional economic cycles and that they were often classified as system-relevant", emphasized zimmer. Now, however, this assessment must be followed by the corresponding political actions. "Even though the emergency aid was an important and correct step and the economic stimulus package seems to be providing a lot of good impetus – the concrete implementation is still open in many points. And many measures do not go far enough." it would now be important, for example, to review the early payment of social security contributions and to ensure that these remain stable at a maximum of 40 percent beyond 2021.

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