Bird count at wiesentheide high school

The students of the 5. And 6. Year 1 students of the steigerwald-landschulheim wiesentheid (lsh) took part in the nature conservation organization’s nationwide campaign, the "hour of the garden birds" 2020.

The observations they have collected about the local bird world not only help to identify trends, such as whether certain bird species are declining or on the rise, but the results can also be used to develop conservation concepts for individual species or to look for possible causes of the decline, as the school’s press release states.

House martin surprisingly far ahead

The data from the lower school students largely confirmed the nationwide ranking in the first two places. The house sparrow, or sparrow for short, and the blackbird were also most frequently observed in the lsh catchment area. Surprisingly, the mealy-mouthed swallow moved up in the student observations compared to the bavarian ranking (9. Rank) in third place. This underlines the rural nature of the school’s catchment area.

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Franconian switzerland: bavarian television as a guest

"Myth of the village – live and let die" is the motto of a series of reports by the bavarian radio station , which is part of the tv program "stations will be aired. This time the br was a guest in affalterthal. This is thanks to editor linda hofmeier from waischenfeld, who had the idea a few years ago to shoot a report on the small town with its many fruit trees. Now it has worked.

Affalterthal, a village near egloffstein. It lies idyllically between many fruit trees in a hollow. But at first sight you think there is nothing special: no more baker and butcher, only one pub, no supermarket, the school closed. That there is nevertheless a diverse life here is noticeable, for example, on thursdays when the trombone choir rehearses, when the johannis fire is burned down or the kerwaburschen put up the kirchweih tree and the soldier comrades hold the eicher tractor meeting. It’s the people who bring the village to life and keep it alive – and that’s what the film wants to show.

A 96-year-old

There’s 96-year-old hans hafner, who still likes to tie baskets and give them away, and his somewhat younger friends, erna backof, a former sacristan, and marga prutting, who still drives an eicher tractor today. They often visit him in the shady courtyard to chat about old times. There is the deuerlein family, who now harvests the trees in the cherry orchard with their children every day, and there are new citizens who like to volunteer in the village. The short film (cameraman jochen schlawne) reports on the lives of these people, who are exemplary for all volunteers in affalterthal, on wednesday, 17. July, at 7 p.M. On bavarian television.

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“To create, if you want to”

Participation of all should be more than just a buzzword. Erika fischer from the inclusion department at the university of bamberg explains in an interview how this can succeed and what is needed to make it happen.

A few success stories here, a lot of problems there: can inclusion be achieved??

Erika fischer: inclusion can be achieved if you want to achieve it on the one hand and if you know what you can do to achieve it on the other hand.

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Master school has good prospects

"With the replacement of the dormitory, the renovation of the school building and the creation of continuous barrier-free accessibility, the ebern master school for the carpentry trade is optimally secured for the future." this was emphasized by managing director rainer klingert at the meeting of the association assembly, at which head of school oliver dunisch gave a report on the current situation of the master school and its prospects.
Dunisch recalled that the 65th store was recently opened. The first master class was held in ebern and five of the 18 master prize winners of the bavarian state government came from ebern. Currently, there are two female and 53 male master students in courses 66 to 68. The courses, each with 20 students, are not completely full, because sometimes students drop out after the probationary period, or they even deregister. The 60 places are also the basis for the new planning, although there is also a decline in the master craftsman sector: the number of master craftsman students in germany has fallen from 3,000 to 1,000 per year.
With the current course enrollment, the majority of students come from all over franconia. This is also due to the new construction of the dormitory, which will be fully available again in the fall.

20 participants per course possible

"we are pleased that, after the difficult construction phase, we have staggered registrations again and that demand is already very good from the fall onwards", said dunisch. Of course, one should not forget that more and more furniture is being produced in industry, and for this there are skilled industrial workers. However, ebern is still planning on 20 participants per course and is trying to utilize the total of 60 places to full capacity. For 2018/19, they are at full capacity, and they already have applications for september 2019.
Association president erwin dotzel pointed out that 46 of the 55 people interested in the school came from bavarian districts and only nine from outside.
Principal dunisch saw these figures as being marked by the construction phase, because no dormitory could be offered at the moment: "normally, 40 to 50% come from bavaria, the rest from other federal states. After the completion of the residential home in the fall, things will look different again."

Major investments

it is important to be competitive on the market. Therefore, the principal thanked the school for the large investments and was pleased that the remaining work can soon be completed. He also emphasized the renovation of the paint warehouse, a very sensitive area for occupational health and safety. It was also possible to renew the wifi and internet facilities, with the entire building now being equipped with a fiber optic connection. Investments were also made in the area of it and mobile laptop trolleys were installed. One classroom is equipped with a whiteboard on a trial basis. The "green classroom" was also mentioned, which is very well received. And they also have a very good team with which they can plan for the longer term.
District president dotzel called the ebern championship school an important flagship for the district of lower franconia, for the district of habberge, but also for the city of ebern.
The annual report for the 2017 financial year was then presented to the association’s general meeting. The total budget amounted to 3 413 868 euro. The reserve amounted to 649,431 euros and was partly withdrawn during the year to avoid borrowing. There was additional income in the guest school contributions with 23,250 euros and in the teaching staff subsidies with 8718 euros.

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New learning worlds seen from the inside

"The vast majority of students enjoy showing what they can do!", principal thomas meier at the "open day at the gymnasium. The parents of his perhaps future pupils were given such basic information, and together with their children they spent an entertaining and informative morning.
It also became clear that the children would be facing a new and larger school world: tutor system, class trips, elective classes, choice of foreign languages, etc. – however, the many new things can and will also include many exciting things. Under the title "nine years of education in one hand principal meier explained the cornerstones of the new nine-year gymnasium, which will include more computer science and fewer afternoon classes, as well as more choice for students.
After a tour of the school building, the children were given the opportunity to take part in a "trial run" your possibly new "job" is the motto as well as to explore its range of subjects. Teachers and many dedicated students had prepared almost 20 stations at which simple and fun tasks requiring both concentration and temperament had to be completed, the completion of which brought a small reward for each child at the end. In the field of biology, one could make butter oneself, but had to shake mightily for it. "Do it yourself-the focus was on tasks anyway, such as guessing linguistic pictures in german, guessing questions in mathematics, trying out ball games, biathlon in the gymnasiums or getting to know typical national habits such as playing boule in french. 

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The fortress remains pale?

Heinz hausmann (csu) pointed out critical voices on the fortress lighting in the city council meeting. Kronach's building remains too pale at night?
City planner daniel gerber therefore described the genesis of the current lighting to the city council. "We come from flooding the buildings. In the past, the fortress was like an ufo hovering over the city. Nothing was recognized from the walls." the current lighting concept is much more sensitive to the situation. However, the urban planner admitted that the results were not entirely satisfactory. In poor weather conditions, the illumination is too weak. Unfortunately, retrofitting the lighting is not possible.
Jonas geissler (csu) stated: "we didn't want the ufo anymore. But in reality, the fortress is now no longer visible." no matter from which side you approach kronach, the city's flagship goes down at night. "We need more lights, even if that means more investment", geissler clearly demanded. Mayor wolfgang beiergroblein signaled that an improvement in the lighting is also in his sights.
At monday's meeting, the progress of construction and the cost development of the projects at rosenberg fortress were approved without discussion. This was about the new armory, the fortress hostel and the fire water supply as well as the multi-year program.
Claudia wellach addressed the issue of leaking windows in the practice rooms of the hofles-vogtendorf music club in the old school in hofles during the citizens' consultation hour. The mayor took the renovation request on record. 

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Coburg fighters top

Coburg fighters top

At the open baden championship in winterbach, the karatekas of the bushido martial arts school showed themselves in top form. Despite taking part in various categories and fighting a lot of battles, i managed to come out on top.
9-year-old helena brunner was the youngest member of the bushido team. She fought in the age group up to 12 years, in the weight classes up to 25 and 30 kg. She reached the finals in both weight classes and finished second in each. Up to 25 kg she dominated the fight, but had to admit defeat after a wrong decision of the judges.
Mira drechsel competed up to the age of 12 in the weight categories up to 60 and plus 60 kg. She convinced the judges with strong counters and won gold in both disciplines.
For kevin tumma, nikolay pourraki, maximilian spisla, leon dalibor and maximilian mathes it was all about points for the world championships in orlando/usa.
Kevin tumma fought in the age category 13 to 17 years, plus 70 kg. He prevailed in the preliminary rounds and also clearly defeated his opponent in the final. Leon dalibor won two gold medals. He started in the power class up to 85 and up to 90 kg. Up to 85 kg he met his team mate maximilian spisla in the final after the preliminary round fights. In a gripping fight dalibor won the internal duel against spisla.
Maximilian spisla, nikolai pourraki and maximilian mathes competed in three different categories. Besides the weight classes the three also fought in the open weight class.
The lightweight classes were dominated by nikolai pourraki. The iranian-born fighter impressed with his speed and flexible style. Only in the open weight class against his club mate maximilian mathes pourraki had to see out. After two first places he finished 2nd. Place in the all category.
Unbeatable was maximilian mathes from munich. The fighter, who has been competing for bushido coburg for many years, succeeded again and again in surprising his opponents with quickly changing attack and counter-action. He scored points especially with his clean leg techniques and foot sweeps. Much applause and three first places were his reward.
Also maximilian spisla delivered exciting fights. After defeating everyone in the 80 kg weight class, he was only beaten by his teammate leon dalibor in the 85 kg weight class. In the all category, the 20-year-old took 3rd place. Place. Thus maximilian mathes, nikolai pourraki and maximilian spisla three bushido fighters occupied the winners podium in the open weight classes.
Alisa janson was eliminated in the age group up to 17 years in the weight category up to 60 kg after a luckless fight in the first round.
"We have a very good starting position for the nomination to the world championship in orlando." sums up trainer stefan muller. In the next months there are three more tournaments to be held. 

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Moving moments from munnerstadt’s history

"History only comes alive through stories", knows rainer kirch. He knows the story of the gold rush in munnerstadt just as well as the story of the cow that escaped and was never found again or the servant girl who had to wash herself every day with soap. He is known not only as a night watchman who walks through the city with visitors, but also as a hans-sachs-player. At the annual local history play, he is kaspar von der rhon.

Baldur kolb was able to win him over, for the second time by the way, for the storytelling cafe in sankt elisabeth. Many things reminded the mostly somewhat older listeners of their youth. "I’m not a short-tempered person, because that’s what you only become by being born.", rainer kirch had to confess. His first residence in the city was only in 1967. However, he had already entered the seminary in 1956. In his last year of school, however, he was a city student "because the seminary was too bad for me". In that last year he also met a young lady who is still by his side as his wife today.

"One-man music school"

Kirch knew a few things about the upper gate. At 36.6 meters, it is the highest town gate in lower franconia, even a few centimeters higher than the hohntor in bad neustadt. Until the end of the 19th century. Century lived upstairs in the turmer apartment the city turmer with his wife. The most important task of this tower was to warn the citizens in case of fires. With his loud horn and a small fire bell, he was supposed to alert the fire department and warn all other citizens. This bouncer played the trumpet and trombone well. He taught boys from munnerstadt and was, so to speak, a "one-man music school" in miniature. When he gave up his doorman position in 1878, no successor was recruited.

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Have fun with mortar and trowel

"We end our time at oerlenbach middle school with projects for the younger ones." this idea matured after the final exams, before in these days the ninth graders in different groups realize their goals. Some help build the mentor house, others design a learning corner, make a jumping game or design a poster wall.
Principal sonja then is very proud: "that’s really great. The young people come highly motivated every day and purposefully implement their plans with their class teacher christina belting. I am totally enthusiastic about this eagerness. And who says that our students are from the "no-buck" generation?." with their work, the students prove that they are optimally prepared for their next stage in life and that they have developed basic attitudes such as a willingness to learn, perseverance, a sense of responsibility and a sense of responsibility bring team spirit with you.
These requirements are confirmed by master mason wolfgang kaufmann, who is building a mentor house with some of the boys at the edge of the schoolyard. A few years ago, a class of students and their teacher peter iberl built this as part of an internship in schweinfurt. At that time, it could not be set up at the school because the schoolyard was being redesigned. The building materials were stored in the municipal building yard. Now the lineup is underway. Master bricklayer kaufmann is very satisfied with his boys: "they are really getting stuck in, don’t watch the clock, but want to leave a good job behind. I’m happy to take the time to make sure we’re finished by the end of the school year." the students learn how mortar is prepared and applied, how hollow bricks are placed and grouted, how corners are raised and set with a spirit level and string, how lintels are installed over doors and windows. To guarantee stability, a ring beam closes off the foundation walls before the roof truss – which is also prepared – is put in place.

Avoiding accidents

"occupational safety is very important to us", kaufmann emphasizes. "We are constantly cleaning up waste on the construction site to avoid accidents. Also, solid scaffolding is a prerequisite." the young people got a clear impression of what they can expect in their profession. Among them is maximilian gotz, who will start learning bricklaying in the fall at the kiesel construction company in reiterswiesen. "I like it a lot, i’m thrilled. I am already grateful for any tips. Mr. Kaufmann explains and shows us what’s important", he says.
He is assisted by simon bunner, who will be training as a construction equipment operator at the company josef hell (eltingshausen). "Today, more and more machines are being used on the construction site and they have to be constantly looked after and maintained. Skilled workers are needed", kaufmann encourages him. During construction itself, simon learns why the mortar bed has to be applied higher on the outside and how stones are fitted in lengthwise. "This is much better than still teaching", he admits honestly, especially since the qualifying round is over.
Nico hartmann is also a member of the group. In the fall, he starts an apprenticeship as a motor vehicle mechanic.-mechatronics technician at the mohr company in oerlenbach. Now he’s taking the chance to try out a different line of work.
In the corner in front of the school kitchen and the staircase, some girls roll a bright orange on the surfaces. Here they are creating a learning and rest area. When the paint is dry, plan individual elements of the picture: imagine that tables and chairs, perhaps even a couch, invite you to work and relax here. Selina mutzel, katja schreiner, luci schroder and lorena stoth are simultaneously producing a poster wall that proclaims in large letters on a green background: "school = living together, learning together." their motto recommends them to the younger ones, if they for their confession have found a suitable place in the school building.

Heaven and hell

in the schoolyard kneels marco karch, who plans to attend the business school in bad neustadt. "My qualifying score is a 2.27. It will work out", he says confidently. In the courtyard, on a piece of paving, he has the jumping game "heaven – hell" recorded. He traces lines, numbers and lettering with brushes and paint. "I came up with this. The younger ones especially love this game. I get paints from the building yard and tips on how best to apply them so that they last a long time", he says.
A team takes care of the catering: it provides sandwiches and drinks. All 17 ninth graders made the most of their last phase, not loafing around but immortalizing themselves to the delight of all.

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Where should the clubs celebrate in the future?

Where should the clubs celebrate in the future?

At its most recent meeting, the municipal council looked for a suitable site where the clubs can hold their festivals. Csu faction chairman heinz welbers suggested making a gravel lawn out of the meadow between the bridge to the school and sports center and the skater track. This could then be celebrated.
Mayor georg vonbrunn (jwu) wants to visit the site with welbers, an architect who has been working as a planner for the municipality for years. There may also be a site meeting with the building committee. The middle school should also take a stand.
Actually, the item was not on the agenda at all. But hans werner schuster (csu), in his function as chairman of the concordia altenkunstadt cycling club, had applied for permission to hold the 100th anniversary of his club next year on the school practice field of the middle school. Celebrations are to be held from 7. Until 10. June 2013 in a 1250 square meter marquee.
Several local councillors expressed their reservations. "Afterwards you can forget the place", said norbert welscher of the free voters’ association (g). Welbers, on the other hand, said that the children could injure themselves on broken pieces left lying around. So the realization matured that you need a place for such ceremonies. A decision on schuster’s application has not yet been made.

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