Gerland not only puts up the hats

Gerland not only puts up the hats

"I’m the one who puts up the hats", says hermann gerland and laughs. Of course, this is a gross understatement and he knows it himself. The 57-year-old was so ambitious, not only as an active player, that "no opponent wanted to play against me, but also as a trainer. Together with his colleague peter hermann, the co-coach of fc bayern munchen answered questions in wendelstein in the district of roth.

In a fittingly 90-minute panel discussion, the two soccer coaches talked about their professional careers and the current state of their work at fc bayern. Gerard monin, chairman of the central franconia soccer coaches’ association (gft), was able to convince gerland and hermann to appear as guest speakers at an advanced training course. Hermann gerland embodies the successful youth work of fc bayern munchen like no other, has discovered and promoted talents like philipp lahm, bastian schweinsteiger or thomas muller.

For the more than 100 amateur coaches present, it was "a real treat" has been happy to learn from experienced professionals, says monin. The former vice president of the 1. Fc nurnberg had used its contacts to lure the two co-coaches from munich to wendelstein. Like monin, hermann gerland and peter hermann are both associated with 1. Fc nurnberg as well as fc bayern munchen. Gerland was head coach at nuremberg in the late 80s and mid 90s and hermann was co-coach of michael oenning in the 2008/09 promotion season.

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Body art and delicious cuisine in kulmbach

A chef cannot receive greater praise: "we were there the first time and have already pre-ordered tickets for next year", says karin battistella. Her husband carlo, himself a chef, is also enthusiastic about what his colleagues have to offer at the second franconian culinary event. "Excellent gourmet cuisine", explains the northern italian-born.

With the battistellas 200 guests let themselves be entertained on saturday evening in the dr.-stammberger hall spoiled by five top regional chefs. Heini schopf ("schloss", neudrossenfeld), otto krug ("old fire station", kulmbach), frank eckert ("reiterhof", wirsberg), michael kolb ("gastronomy golf club", thurnau) and michael kohlmann (raps company, kulmbach) conjure up a menu of the finest quality from regional ingredients.

Mayor stefan schaffranek becomes the spokesman for the guests and congratulates the organizer, the bayerische rundschau, which he calls the "mouthpiece of the region" says: "it’s nice that there’s a gala like this in kulmbach."

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The main thing is that someone invests…

Franconia is booming – almost ten million guests came in 2017, 1.8 million of them from abroad. Tendency increasing. Townspeople are amazed at the prices in the "franconian", where the crispy schaufela doesn’t even cost ten euros yet and the small brewery inns are already "a tennerla" when the price of beer goes up – maybe from 2.20 to 2.30 euros – having second thoughts.

Some tourists swear by culinary delights, others by (architectural) culture, such as in picturesque bamberg, while others swear by the wild and romantic nature of the frankenwald or the river valleys of franconian switzerland.

But watch out, tourism managers! Your heile frankische world of the high gloss brochures crumbles. Everywhere is being "cleaned up" now. A municipality flattening two old townhouses in the middle of town. A renovation would be "uneconomical" been – the death sentence for most of the old huts. Tradition and identity are something you have to want to afford. But a new, beautiful tuscany settlement is being built on the green meadow – just like in bielefeld, bottrop or bautzen.

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Physics, salsa and sirtaki: nobel prize winner parisi

physics, salsa and sirtaki: nobel prize winner parisi

He was driven by the curiosity for new discoveries – but these could not be planned. You can try to look to the future with all the formulas and scientific tricks, he said in 2018 at a lecture. But there is a much more fundamental rule: "the future will always surprise you."

On tuesday, the professor emeritus had the same experience when he received a call from sweden. The 73-year-old was awarded the nobel prize for physics together with two other scientists. "I’m glad, i didn’t expect this," parisi said in an initial reaction, "…But i always had the phone with me."

The meeting on 4. August, born in rome, studied under renowned italian physicist nicola cabibbo. He then specialized in the study of elementary particles, but also devoted himself to other areas such as the development of supercomputers and complex systems. "Physics is all about discovering new phenomena," he said in an interview earlier this year. "But this "new" is what it’s all about on the fly, you have to be aware of everything you know and everything you expect to see."

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Rebel prosecutor ortega fled from venezuela

rebel prosecutor ortega fled from venezuela

Attorney general luisa ortega, deposed after a weeks-long power struggle with venezuela’s president nicolas maduro, has fled to colombia despite an exit ban. Together with her husband, deputy german ferrer, she landed in the capital, bogota.

This was communicated by the colombian immigration authorities. Ortega first crossed to the caribbean island of aruba by boat and from there flew to colombia in a private plane. The couple was accompanied by one of ortega’s employees and former anti-corruption lawyer arturo vilar.

Ortega accuses maduro of turning venezuela into a dictatorship. She was deposed at the behest of the head of state, and secret service agents searched her apartment. Her husband ferrer is accused of being at the head of a corruption network and of having parked money in accounts abroad. The new attorney general tarek william saab called for his arrest.

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Breakfast: deep truth about zoff city councilor

breakfast: deep truth about zoff city councilor

The fruit from the tree of knowledge must be a huge seller this year. The french voted out their big-flap president sarkozy because of the permanent dose of hot air.

After vain attempts to score political goals via the left wing, the left in germany is practicing consistent self-dissolution. It is still unclear whether ex-leader lafontaine will be allowed to dig the grave. And even chancellor angela merkel shows active realism – with the dismissal of chair-sawyer rottgen.

The knowledge of deep truths has already arrived even one floor below. In the volkach city council. On monday, the state government discussed a lenient gift to sweeten the farewell of 700 soldiers from the mainfranken barracks: the state wants to pay two managers – one for energy and one for land marketing – for three years (around 500,000 euros) if the district, volkach, nordheim and kitzingen (because of the u.S. Withdrawal) bear ten percent of the costs as users.

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Van rompuy campaigns for mersch on the ecb’s executive board

Van rompuy campaigns for mersch on the ECB's Executive Board

While more women are needed in leadership positions, especially in business and finance, the ecb post needs to be filled "urgently," van rompuy said.

The people’s representatives want a woman in the circle of the six directors. But you can only wish for this, not demand it bindingly. On thursday, parliament votes on luxembourg’s central bank chief mersch, but it cannot stop his appointment.

Eu parliament’s economic committee voted against mersch on monday. The parliamentarians are concerned with the principle, entirely in the sense of the women’s quota, which eu justice commissioner viviane reding wants to enforce in the supervisory boards of corporations.

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Embezzlement: a good report card for the chamber of handicrafts

In its spring meeting, the plenary session of the chamber of handicrafts for upper franconia once again dealt with the embezzlements surrounding gewerbe-treuhand oberfranken steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbh (gto). After an extraordinary meeting in april had paved the way for a successful continuation of the company, this time the focus was once again on a complete clarification of the incidents. The committee gto of the chamber of handicrafts, which was founded especially from the full assembly, gave a good testimony in an interim report. "We were supported in our work in all respects, we were able to inspect all documents and all questions were answered openly and transparently by the presidium and the management", said the chairman of the gto committee, andreas troger, head of the motor vehicle guild of upper franconia.

The interest of the full assembly in sending clear signals to the skilled trades in upper franconia is just as great. Therefore, the members decided by a majority to postpone the resolution on the 2019 annual financial statements, which were originally due for approval, until the fall meeting and to bring forward the external audit of the 2019 annual financial statements, which usually takes place every four years, until then.

Hwk president thomas zimmer addressed the situation of the skilled trades in the pandemic. "We were very pleased that it was recognized how important crafts are for the regional economic cycles and that they were often classified as system-relevant", emphasized zimmer. Now, however, this assessment must be followed by the corresponding political actions. "Even though the emergency aid was an important and correct step and the economic stimulus package seems to be providing a lot of good impetus – the concrete implementation is still open in many points. And many measures do not go far enough." it would now be important, for example, to review the early payment of social security contributions and to ensure that these remain stable at a maximum of 40 percent beyond 2021.

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Nonfood discounter takes over from solarium

The days of the tanning salon at the "oberer tor are counted. The property will not be vacant, however, because a new tenant has already been found. The non-food retailer tedi is to move in.

The product range of the discounter, a subsidiary of the tengelmann group, is to be offered on an area of 513 square meters – the areas of the current tanning salon and a former sports store, which are being merged.

Hard to classify

The size of the sales area of the "one-euro store the members of the building committee were concerned. The range of products offered by the company, which is described as everyday consumer goods, is difficult to classify, according to alexander ebert from the city’s building department. These included household, party, do-it-yourself and electrical goods, as well as stationery and toys, and drugstore and cosmetics products. Seasonal articles would also be added.

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