“The coalition agreement needs a liberal signature”

Stefan wolf ran as a direct candidate for the fdp in the electoral district of kulmbach-lichtenfels-bamberg. A good 14 days after the election, the 25-year-old from gundelsheim looks back with satisfaction on his result and that of his party.

What pleased you most during the election campaign??
Stefan wolf: of course you’re pleased with the fdp’s result. We were able to more than double the number of first and second votes in the electoral district and contributed our share to the excellent national result. In the election campaign itself, i was pleased about the support, z.B. From our district chairman thomas nagel – when as a journalist he always corrected my press releases.

And what were you really annoyed about??
About not being included in panel discussions. Associations had invited only the parties represented in the bundestag for panel discussions. You can do that, but it doesn’t help the culture of debate. But that has changed again.

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Bird count at wiesentheide high school

The students of the 5. And 6. Year 1 students of the steigerwald-landschulheim wiesentheid (lsh) took part in the nature conservation organization’s nationwide campaign, the "hour of the garden birds" 2020.

The observations they have collected about the local bird world not only help to identify trends, such as whether certain bird species are declining or on the rise, but the results can also be used to develop conservation concepts for individual species or to look for possible causes of the decline, as the school’s press release states.

House martin surprisingly far ahead

The data from the lower school students largely confirmed the nationwide ranking in the first two places. The house sparrow, or sparrow for short, and the blackbird were also most frequently observed in the lsh catchment area. Surprisingly, the mealy-mouthed swallow moved up in the student observations compared to the bavarian ranking (9. Rank) in third place. This underlines the rural nature of the school’s catchment area.

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What will become of the real stores?

It is a wait that wears on the nerves. "We’ve been stalled for a year now", reports barbara lorenz, works council chairwoman at the real store in hallstadt (bamberg district). Like her and the other 130 or so employees in the warehouse, all real employees nationwide are affected.

Since the metro retail group announced in the fall of 2018 that it intended to part with the real stores, there has been a great deal of uncertainty. "Everyone would like to know where the road goes", says lorenz.

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Franconian switzerland: bavarian television as a guest

"Myth of the village – live and let die" is the motto of a series of reports by the bavarian radio station , which is part of the tv program "stations will be aired. This time the br was a guest in affalterthal. This is thanks to editor linda hofmeier from waischenfeld, who had the idea a few years ago to shoot a report on the small town with its many fruit trees. Now it has worked.

Affalterthal, a village near egloffstein. It lies idyllically between many fruit trees in a hollow. But at first sight you think there is nothing special: no more baker and butcher, only one pub, no supermarket, the school closed. That there is nevertheless a diverse life here is noticeable, for example, on thursdays when the trombone choir rehearses, when the johannis fire is burned down or the kerwaburschen put up the kirchweih tree and the soldier comrades hold the eicher tractor meeting. It’s the people who bring the village to life and keep it alive – and that’s what the film wants to show.

A 96-year-old

There’s 96-year-old hans hafner, who still likes to tie baskets and give them away, and his somewhat younger friends, erna backof, a former sacristan, and marga prutting, who still drives an eicher tractor today. They often visit him in the shady courtyard to chat about old times. There is the deuerlein family, who now harvests the trees in the cherry orchard with their children every day, and there are new citizens who like to volunteer in the village. The short film (cameraman jochen schlawne) reports on the lives of these people, who are exemplary for all volunteers in affalterthal, on wednesday, 17. July, at 7 p.M. On bavarian television.

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Gunther straub has died

Gunther straub has died

On sunday evening, gunther straub died at the age of 73 surrounded by his family.

As a freelancer, straub reported for more than 40 years on town council meetings, festivals and club life in his community – always dutifully, reliably and with a great deal of personal commitment. Until the end, already weakened by illness and chemotherapy, he sent his articles to the newspaper. A "profound connoisseur the mayor gotthard schlereth paid tribute to the deceased on monday.

Straub was a trained businessman. He made his career at baywa. It began in 1956 at baywa bad kissingen. In 1981, straub became managing director in bad kissingen, later managing director and chief executive officer in karlstadt. Another transfer took him to bad neustadt, where he was responsible for the operations in mellrichstadt, bad konigshofen, bad bruckenau, bischofsheim, munnerstadt, meiningen, ritschenhausen and romhild as head of administration and deputy managing director until his retirement in 2001. As a training officer and examiner on the committee of the wurzburg-schweinfurt chamber of commerce and industry, training young people was one of his tasks for many years.

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“To create, if you want to”

Participation of all should be more than just a buzzword. Erika fischer from the inclusion department at the university of bamberg explains in an interview how this can succeed and what is needed to make it happen.

A few success stories here, a lot of problems there: can inclusion be achieved??

Erika fischer: inclusion can be achieved if you want to achieve it on the one hand and if you know what you can do to achieve it on the other hand.

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Winter road maintenance and church renovation keep theinfeld people busy

In theinfeld took place this year the first of the citizens’ meeting of the municipality of thundorf. Mayor egon kloffel was pleased with the great interest in the event, which was held in the musikheim.

The most important topic was the clearing and gritting plan of the municipality. "What’s got into you ?", a citizen asked the councillors. The plan envisages that in the event of light snowfall, which according to some visitors may well vary from one part of the municipality to another, only intersections, slopes and access to public buildings will be cleared by the winter road clearance service. If necessary, the remaining roads, paths and squares should also be cleared and gritted when the snow reaches a height of eight centimeters or on the orders of the municipality.

"Even the bus driver who takes the children to school complains that the bus stop is not cleared", says erich thain. The fact that this winter it has mostly snowed a lot on the weekends, as kloffel points out, is not accepted by the citizens as justification. Another question on this subject was the sensitive issue of liability for damages in the event of accidents on uncleared public areas.

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Four lanes in the weichengereuth do not please the people of coburg

The 40 chairs at the council table in the hall of the town hall were occupied without exception on thursday evening, and about two-thirds of the chairs in the auditorium were also occupied. The city of bamberg and the bamberg state building authority provided information about the planned four-lane expansion of the weichengereuth road. Most of the people in the audience were residents of bundesstrasse 4 between the junction of ahorner berg and the frankenbrucke bridge. Municipal politicians and employees of the city administration were also present.

During the two hours or so, there was repeated applause for individual presentations and comments – even at the end there was good applause – but stefan arneth from the bamberg authorities was unable to score any real points with the residents. If the 1,600-meter-long weichengereuth is widened from two to four lanes, people in kleine rosenau, samuel-schmidt-strabe and strabe am ginster will fear more traffic, more exhaust fumes and longer as well as more tailbacks.

Let’s not have an "asphalt orgy

The city council will discuss in its meeting on thursday, 21. November, according to mayor norbert tessmer, the city will decide whether or not it wants the expansion, which has so far cost a rough estimate of around 25 million euros. In the summer of three years ago, the four-lane expansion was considered an "urgent" priority was included in the federal traffic route plan, but in september of this year the construction and environmental senate rejected the extension. At the beginning of september, the residents had opposed "the asphalt orgy" and since then, more and more concerns have been voiced by coburg’s municipal politicians.

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Preschool children explore knightly life in the altenstein ruins

Preschool children explore knightly life in the altenstein ruins

Jens fertinger with the last weeks of july the time of farewell is approaching for the children who have attended the daycare center in maroldsweisach for three to five years. This year, too, the excursion led to the altenstein ruins.

After parents, teachers and children had made all the preparations for the overnight stay, the children were brought to altenstein. There, the chairman of the association deutscher burgenwinkel, mayor wolfram thein, welcomed them to the life-size knight figure in front of the castle information center, before they embarked on a journey through time into the life of a castle together with burgenwinkel manager alexander blochl.

Blochl explained the eventful history of altenstein castle and its inhabitants in a way that was suitable for children. The tour started at the chapel. After exploring the "talking fountain the children got an insight into the life of the former castle inhabitants, which was by far not always as tranquil as one gets to see in fairy tale films. The station "professions in the castle gave evidence of life in the castle. The outer castle had several functions: its enclosure was intended to ensure the safe storage of food supplies and livestock and to serve as accommodation for the servants. In addition, attempts were made to produce much of what was needed to live in and maintain the castle in the outer bailey. In this way, the children became more independent from the surrounding area, from the taxes of their subjects and from the weather.

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Social justice: majority sees germany in a socially unbalanced position

Social justice: majority sees germany in a socially unbalanced position

A report in the leipziger volkszeitung" according to the survey, two-thirds of german citizens (65 percent) believe that germany is not socially just. In the east, 73 percent are of this opinion, in the west 63 percent. Only just under one in three (31 percent) is convinced that there is social justice in germany (33 percent in the west, 22 percent in the east). At the same time, more than 80 percent think that there is too much complaining, and that germans are doing better than ever and should be more satisfied.

Pizza maker hands out 200 free pizzas to the homeless

according to a survey, only one in four people in germany (25 percent) believe in equal opportunities for advancement for all; east and west agree on this issue. 73 percent of all german citizens (east: 71 percent, west: 74 percent) criticized the lack of equal opportunities for advancement.

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